5 Handwriting Fonts For Graphic Design

Handwriting fonts for graphic design act like the instruments of an orchestra. Use the right one, and you’ll set the mood and connect with your audience. Add the wrong one, and you can totally undermine the vibe.

Since fonts have the power to convey emotion, choosing the right ones for your graphic design is a big deal. This is particularly true for print projects like invitations and cards. And in this social media era, handwriting fonts used for posts graphic design are especially popular. In a word, it’s likely because they create a personal look that translates well on an Instagram feed.

However, not all handwriting fonts are the same. In fact, writing fonts are incredibly varied and can set the tone for all types of moods. For example, exuberant, whimsical joy, elegant formality, and soft. So, bypass the overly used Comic Sans and explore a wider range of handwriting fonts before finalizing your next creation.

1. Handwriting Fonts For Graphic Design: Liorah

Liorah is a casual, cursive font that’s fresh and open. The letters are a little more extended that other cursive fonts on this list. For this reason, it’s a good font choice for invitations. On the other hand, it might be difficult to read if used in long paragraphs.

Liorah - Handwriting Fonts For Graphic Design

2. All Caps Free Flowing: Rock Salt

Rock Salt font looks as if it were written by hand using a felt tip pen. This extremely legible all-caps option conveys a sense of energy that’s timely, and difficult to resist. However, since it’s a non-cursive font, it’s not a good pairing for more formal graphics.

Rock Salt - Fonts For Graphic Design

3. Fonts For Graphic Design: Sacramento

Sacramento font has cheerful curves, circles and loops, and is easy to read. Consequently, it inspires a happy-go-lucky, casual mood. Although not ideal for formal invites, it’s definitely welcoming and warm.

Sacramento font

4. Sophisticated Script: Morgana

Morgana is a font with sophisticated penmanship that has the ability to captivate audiences. This script font’s loose swirls allows it to compliment various designs. Particularly when it comes to elegant designs for weddings or showers. For this reason, Morgana or similar script is a popular font for formal designs.

Morgana font

5. Elegantly Classic: Embassy

Not only is Embassy font classic, but it’s also free-flowing and clean. As such, it’s suitable for inspiring a formal mood for events. And unlike some of the other more ornate cursive font options, it’s easy to read as well as crisp.

Embassy font

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5 Handwriting Fonts For Graphic Design