Fun Holiday Activities and Games

Fun Holiday Activities and Games | Vizons Design
It’s never too early to start planning your fun holiday activities and games, particularly if you’re expecting lots of people. After everyone eats, instead of letting the calories settling in, think of fun things to do.

There are so many ways family, friends and guests can be entertained. For instance, blasting cheerful music and choosing the best dancers. Or check out our list of fun holiday activities and games that will be memorable for both winners and losers.

Fun Holiday Activities and Games For Everyone

From holiday party ideas and activities for adults, the office, kids – we got something for everyone. The only things you need to do are pick your favorites, and then gather everything you need for some super fun evenings full of laughter and competition!

01. Christmas Name That Tune

This game is fun for music lovers and the tunes don’t have to be Christmas songs. Albeit there are many variations to this game, the traditional version is simple. Just play a few bars of the song, and whoever guesses it first wins the points. You can even find playlists on YouTube or Spotify.

02. Holiday Movie Trivia

This one is similar to Christmas Name That Tune, but with movies. In this case, put the guests’ Christmas movie knowledge to the test with Holiday Movie Trivia. Create a compilation of trivia inquiries related to well-know holiday films like Die Hard or The Last Holiday. Then, passed the cards around to guests for individual responses. Each correct answer equals a point. To increase competition, the highest points can be awarded a gift.

03. Rock Paper Switch Gift Exchange Game

The Rock Paper Switch Gift Exchange Game adds a twist to traditional gifting. Mark all the gifts with numbers. Players draw numbers and gifts from a pile. Participants then choose rock (keep), paper (swap), or switch (pass), creating a lively gift-shuffling experience. You can take turns deciding to unwrap your gift or challenge someone else. Win a challenge with rock-paper-scissors to steal their gift, but if you lose, you can keep yours. Players take turns until all the gifts are opened.

04. Christmas Song Scramble

Be the first to unscramble the Christmas song titles. The game is very straightforward; give everyone a card and let the unscrambling begin. People can play it in pairs or as individuals, and the team/person with the most words resolved wins.

05. Holiday Karaoke

Regardless if it’s a holiday or an ordinary get-together, karaoke always changes the mood of the room and even reveal hidden talents. For this, you’ll either need a karaoke app on your smart TV or you can purchase a full-on karaoke machine. You can also just head over to YouTube, as there’s a good karaoke-friendly song choice there too. Prepare a little stage in a common area where singers can see the screen, and let the show start!

06. Holiday Scavenger Hunt

One of the best fun holiday activities as well as a game is a scavenger hunt. It’s not just fun for adults, but kids of all ages enjoy it as well. So, make your young adventurers joint the Holiday Scavenger Hunt! Give everyone printed cards with riddles and clues to solve. Then, they can head out in the nearby nature spots to find hidden surprises. Whether they form teams or work together, this exploration adds an exciting touch of mystery and holiday joy for everyone.

07. Gingerbread House Decorating

For sure, this is a fun activity for kids. Let the little architects entertain themselves, as they craft and decorate their very own gingerbread houses. For this, the kids can use colorful candies and frostings to create delicious masterpieces. This activity is not only a blast of creativity, but also a yummy way to bring home some goodies!

08. Christmas Bingo

This game is fun as it is easy to set up and play, and it’s suitable for all ages! You can prepare for it by creating your own Bingo cards or printing and cutting them out. Each player gets a Bingo card and 25 markers (such as M&Ms). The game begins by flipping all calling cards upside down, revealing one, and then announcing it (e.g., “Santa!”). The game continues until someone gets a Bingo. You can choose to continue with the same game, or start a new one by clearing the boards for another round of fun.

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Fun Holiday Activities and Games