5 Easy Print Products To Sell For Profit

These days, having a secondary income is very common, so people are looking for print products they can sell for profit.

Some people have also turned their secondary hustle into their primary income. And you can see evidence of this from many store owners on platforms like Etsy. Shop owners range from illustrators to jewelry makers to graphic designers, and more.

Whether you are a seasoned merchant seller or just getting started, today’s blog post is for you. We’ll be talking about 5 print products that you can sell for profit. And the best part? There are on-demand print websites that provide products for you to put your artwork on which you can then sell on your own website.

1. Notepads

When it comes to creating a physical to-do list vs typing one up in your phone, there has always been a question of which method is used more. Generally speaking, one would assume that latter is the preferred method. But in recent trends, particularly for those in their twenties, notepads are very popular. Especially ones with quirky, cute designs on them.

2. Greeting Cards

One of our favorite things to do is visiting stores and look at their quirky greeting card designs. Even stores link Target or Walgreens for greeting cards get a bit redundant and tiring. Besides, many people love the idea of a personalized card, especially if it doesn’t have the generic greeting message we see in traditional cards.

For these reasons, flattering and fun pop culture references is one way you could use print products to sell for profit and monetize greeting cards. You could sell them in packs of 5 to 10 or as individual cards, depending on your overall design.

3. Mugs

There’s probably not a house in America that doesn’t have a mug of some sort in their cupboard. Mugs are easy to design for and one of the best products to sell for profit because of how affordable they are. And ceramic mugs offer the ideal surface to print just about anything on, from custom artwork to photos to text. Moreover, everyone could use a mug, whether it’s to add to their growing home collection, or to take to work. Hence, mugs will always be essential and relevant.

4. T-Shirts

T-shirts and sweatshirts are also easy print products to sell for profit. Since they don’t require minimum quantities for purchase, you’ll be able to sell pre-set designs. Or have a custom listing that will cater to any type of customer.

Both sweatshirts and t-shirts are feel-good pieces of clothing that just about everyone has. And most people prefer ones with a design that they can relate to, like a specific tv show, movie, music artist, or even phrases. With this type of product, you could also make it more personalized like embroidered initials.

5. Framed Prints

If you’re a graphic designer or illustrator, adding framed prints to your shop is an absolute must. In fact, most creators who sell digital artwork so that users can print the purchased design on whatever medium they would like.

However, consider that some consumers prefer to buy everything in one shot. So, if you’re printing the piece for them included in a frame, you could easily make framed prints a pricier item in your shop.

Wrap Up

Even if the products you want to put your artwork on aren’t available as singles, you can certainly buy in bulk. Besides, having an inventory could lower costs such as shipping. Of course, when it comes to selling your own merchandise, you’ll have to make sure you are not selling any copyrighted material. If you’re unsure, seek professional legal advice, even if you plan to create designs evolving around popular movies, books, tv shows, and more.

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5 Easy Print Products To Sell For Profit