Invitations, Cards Available As Instant Downloads

When you order physical products from Vizons Design, some of those invitations, cards are now available as instant downloads.

Vizons Design offers physical products that you can edit and have shipped. But now, some of these same products like invitations and cards are also offered as instant downloads. This means that you now have the ability to easily download a high resolution file. Download it to your computer, tablet, or phone in various formats like pdf, png, or jpg.

If you enjoy digital invitations, evites, e-cards, etc., purchasing an instant download allows you to share it with recipients instantly.

In addition to invitations and cards, you’ll also have the ability to instantly download prints and posters.

What Does It Mean That Invitations, Cards Are Available As Instant Downloads?

In a word, instant downloads are digital designs that can be downloaded electronically to a computer, tablet or smartphone. However, instant downloads are currently available only on a select set of popular products. For instance, greeting cards, invitations, wedding announcements, prints, and posters.

Which Products Can Be Electronically Downloaded?

Our on-demand product print service is currently testing a select group of digital products. As such, the following 4 product lines are offering instant downloads:

Invitations, Cards Instant Downloads - Baby Shower Invites
Instant Downloads Baby Shower Invitations
Invitations, Cards Instant Downloads - Girl Birthday Card

Where Do I Find Your Digital Content For Download?

Any eligible digital content can be found within our store. For example, invitations and cards are currently available as instant downloads. Therefore, you will notice a “Downloadable” icon below the eligible designs.

How To Shop and Purchase Our Instant Downloads

Whether from the comfort of your own home or you’re on the go, you can quickly download designs. So, grab a laptop, tablet or phone and start creating and sharing your moments digitally.

Here are the 3 simple steps:

1. Find and choose the design you desire.
When browsing our marketplace, look for the ‘Downloadable’ label. If you see this displayed underneath a design, it means we made the content available for instant download.

2. Customize the design.
Customize your chosen design with details like dates and even photos. Next, select ‘instant download’ to add the digital template to your cart. Or you can buy both printed design and a digital download!

3. Place Your Order.
Once your order is placed, you’ll receive an email within minutes. This email will contain a private link for you to access your new digital design file.

Note: Infinitely customizable, you can edit and download your design as often as you need to. And in a variety of different file formats.

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Invitations, Cards Available As Instant Downloads