Graphic Design Styles Predictions For 2021

From Pop Art to Surrealism to 3D, let’s take a look at graphic design styles predictions for 2021.

As 2020 ushered in a new decade, the world chose to acknowledge what most some of us already knew. It probed everything from racism to our new-found appreciation for the environment. As we explore 2021, our hope is that we continue to define our society as one of growth, tolerance, and respectfulness.

That said, it’s no surprise graphic design styles predictions for 2021 will follow some of those society themes. Today, we take a look at which styles are predicted to be the most prominent this year.

1. Design Diversity

Diversity in design pretty much took off early 2020. It became more prevalent as darker sides of our society became more commonplace and widespread. While global systemic racism is hardly resolved, at least conversations have started to do something about it.

Design plays an important role in getting that message across and consistently hammering it home. And given the significance of the Black Lives Movement, graphic designs styles for 2021 will be more intense. The design and photography industries also must do better in terms of diversity. Even pursuing through Google images, images without a doubt are slanted to one ethnicity. Obviously, that’s an indication of what graphic designers are creating and works from photographers worldwide.

Design Diversity | Vizons Design

However, changes are slowing happening. Graphic design and even product design are becoming more diverse. Meanwhile, design styles from various backgrounds are being offered to spotlight and support messages across a broad spectrum of applications.

So, in 2021, we foresee an incline for inclusivity, celebration, recognition, and acknowledgement of unyielding diversity showcasing our flaws. This is not actually a design style, but more of a mood which is expressed by many designers.

2. Pop Art

While not a new style, pop art has the ability to revive any design. For example, flat design has reigned for several years now. But it’s falling out of favor with many graphic designers. So, pop art can add depth to those flat design styles for a new reinvigorated look.

Graphic Design Styles 2021 - Pop Art

Other graphic design styles for 2021 such as 3D rendering could also add depth to the once popular flat designs. However, 3D rendering used for this purpose would be overkill. On the other hand, pop art would add just the right amount of styling to flat designs. With it’s dot shading, halftones, and textures, pop art can make a 2020 design look new for 2021. We appreciate the irony of yesteryear technologies being used to create a feeling of freshness in our designs.

3. Retrofuturism

A bit contradictory in terms, but think about it for a second. But given the topsy turvy times we’re living in, it makes perfect sense. Retrofuturism is how people of the past imagined how our future would be. In art, it’s the influence of depictions of the future produced in an earlier era. While we’re not quite at the having flying cars and hoverboards, many car concepts do have a futuristic design.

Retrofuturism Design Style

Essentially, retrofuturism lends to the concept of an overly positive future, where we can accomplish anything. And quite frankly, that is greatly needed now. It’s important to note that the future is not only about being in space. In fact, it lies within our skills and innovation as artists and designers. So, whether you revisit the past or present, the future is all that we envision.

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Graphic Design Styles Predictions For 2021