Creative Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

While there are many creative graduation cap decoration ideas, you don’t want the design to be inappropriate. After all, you wouldn’t want unsuitable words or items to cost you walking in line to receive your diploma. That would be counterproductive to all that you have accomplished for your education.

Given these points, classic and simple are the way to go for your graduation cap decoration ideas. It’s an ideal way to stand out from your fellow graduates. So, show your creativity and individuality by designing your own graduation cap. And you’ll be easily seen by family and friends whether virtually or from the stands!

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Creative Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Before we dive in to graduation cap decorating, here’s a little history about the graduation cap. Generally speaking, a matching gown and cap denotes achievement and recognition in academia. For centuries, countries worldwide have used the cap as a part of graduations. However, graduation cap decoration ideas became prominent in the 60s. During this time, people drew peace signs or used stickers to protest the war. Now, decorating your graduation cap is more of a trend to display students’ accomplishments during their years in school.

Without further ado, here are creative graduation cap decoration ideas to spruce up your graduation cap.

1. Decorating Graduation Cap with Your School Colors

Using your school colors when decorating your graduation cap allows you to represent your school and individuality at the same time. Plus, you can add your school colors to any background or text element in your design.

Additionally, decorating graduation cap using a grad cap template featuring your school will save time. So, instead of starting your design from scratch, find your school in our collection of official licensed universities.

Creative Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas-SMU
Creative Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas -USD
Creative Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas - Florida Gator

2. Design Your Own Graduation Cap With A Photo Collage

Design your own graduation cap with a photo collage and pay homage to people that helped you along the way. You can use photos of memories on your graduation cap and you don’t even have to start your scratch. Instead, choose one of our existing cap templates to make it quick and easy.

Design Your Own Graduation Cap with a Photo Collage

Design Your Own Graduation Cap

DIY Graduation Cap Ideas

Many students have turned DIY graduation cap ideas into a trendy tradition. From inside jokes, to clever puns, and quotes, graduation caps are no longer just school colors. Here are a few more DIY graduation cap ideas to show off your individuality.

  1. Inspirational Quotes. Share your thoughts with future students with inspirational quotes. Put your favorite quote on a personalized graduation cap.
  2. Thank Someone. Pay homage to those that helped who got you this far. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents or friends, displaying a big THANKS on your cap shows your appreciation.
  3. Manifest Your Goals. One of the most clever DIY graduation cap ideas is to predict your future on your cap! You can add things such as what you want to actieve in the upcoming years. For instance, start a charity or travel the world.

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Creative Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas