Tips To Celebrate Halloween During COVID

We all feel more excited about planning for the holidays this year than last year. But even with the vaccines, we still need to follow recommendations and tips to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID.

Although it’s not one of the holidays our family celebrates, it’s a fun and exciting time for others. Both kids and adults dress up in costumes and visit neighbors for sweet treats and other fall activities.

However, COVID-19 and the new Delta variant has made some of these traditions more difficult to enjoy. But as they say, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. Keeping safety in mind, we have some exiting ways for you to celebrate Halloween this year!

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1. Make Pumpkin Carving a Family Activity

Pumpkin carving is still one of the Halloween traditions you can still do; even during COVID! Be sure to get your pumpkin soon as product availability is not as plentiful as they were before COVID. And this is true for many different types of products, spanning various markets and industries.

Ok, so when you get your pumpkins, your immediate live-in family can cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. You can even add clothing to it by painting them on so that they’re all dressed up. Paint on a dress and add some glitter to it.

 Pro Tip: Share your awesomeness with neighbors and friends by placing them outside your house. You can even organize a contest with friends via social media.

2. Celebrate Halloween During COVID with Unique Costumes

Don’t miss out on wearing your costume. In fact, we have some unique Halloween costumes for you below. But don’t forget to avoid large crowds and parties when you celebrate Halloween during COVID this year. Additionally, wear a mask and not just the costume kind.

 Pro Tip: Set up chairs in your garage or on your porch so that you see and enjoy the costumes going by. Of course, make sure you’re doing it from a safe distance.

Popular Leggings as Halloween Costumes

Celebrate Halloween During COVID Leggings Costume
Nerdy Leggings to Celebrate Halloween During COVID

3. Plan a Halloween Movie Marathon

Watching spooky movies is a must-do and COVID can’t deny you that. Of course we’re not suggesting you go out to the theater, but rather your ‘home theater’. Although kids these days can watch scary movies without having bad dreams, choose age appropriate movies. For example, Goose Bumps 2 and Girl vs. Monster, are both family-friendly movies. But in a few days, TV channels will have their Halloween movie lineup, so you’ll have lots to choose from. And they’ll be playing the whole month of October.

 Pro Tip: The Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead is what Disney’s Coco movie is about. This is a great time to teach your kids about how this holiday is celebrated differently in other countries.

4. Enjoy a Spooky Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate Halloween during COVID this year, you can plan an at-home spooky scavenger hunt. It’s a great alternative to going out trick or treating, not to mention it’s safer. And just like you hide Easter eggs, hide candy and other treats around your backyard and other areas. Provide your kids with tote bags or pillowcases and get them going finding the treats!

 Pro Tip: You can also hide little party favors and other non-candy options to prevent the assured sugar rush. And don’t forget to decorate the backyard with ghosts hanging from tree limbs and strings of lights.

Fun Halloween Favor Bags

Use Favor Bags to Celebration Halloween During COVID
Use Trick or Treat Bags During COVID

5. Create a Trunk or Treat Feast

A trunk or treat feast is really fun to create. It’s also be a safer alternative to the usual trick or treat event during COVID. Generally speaking, a trunk or treat is the concept of decorating your truck or car alongside your costume.

Although it’s more popular with rural schools and churches, it can be done in any type of community. In essence, it’ll help you avoid the classic trick or treating. Besides being a communal place to distribute treats, you also avoid visiting each individual house. Thus, you can more easily implement safe protocols for COVID.

 Pro Tip: To keep safe distancing top of mind, ensure that your costume is paired with a cloth face mask. Also remember to have packets or bottles of hand sanitizers close by to use after each encounter.

Trick or Treat During COVID Using Popular Halloween Masks & Sanitizers

Trick or Treat During COVID Monster Halloween Masks
Trick or Treat During COVID with Hand Sanitizer

How Will YOU Celebrate Halloween or Trick or Treat During COVID?

COVID-19 has already impacted so many lives and changed how we live and interact with others daily. Even though many restrictions have been lifted, with additional adjustments, you can still have an awesome Halloween this year! If you have other ideas about celebrating Halloween this year, share with us on Instagram using hashtag #vizonsdesigncustomizables.

Tips To Celebrate Halloween During COVID