How Creativity Has Changed During COVID-19

It’s pointless to keep fooling ourselves saying ‘When things get back to normal’. Every American is appalled by the events and actions of our leaders over the past year. The economic fallout, social crisis, global pandemic suggests that there will not be a ‘normal’ to return to. While many are struggling with that reality, we have embraced an extraordinary opportunity for a new creative era.

Creativity During COVID-19

After an entire year of navigating a pandemic amidst social issues, creativity has changed during COVID-19. And many careers and industries at large has been deeply affected. In a recent survey of creatives, it was discovered that there’s been a shift in how creativity comes to life. Plus, the events surrounding 2020 will permanently change the creative industry.

The results of the survey shows that:

  • 87% of creatives believe the events of 2020 will have a lasting impact on creative businesses.
  • The change goes beyond just how creative businesses operate. 82 percent said that 2020 forever changed ‘how’ they create.
  • 83% agree that 2020 events made it more important than ever to expand their creative skill sets.

How Creativity Has Changed During COVID-19

For many of us, not even a global pandemic can interfere with creative deadlines. However, it has gotten in the way of how we communicate when creating. For instance, what was once done shoulder to shoulder in the office has moved to working remotely from home. Additionally, the traditional photo shoot has been replaced by stock photos or high quality remote videos.

But even with these new solutions, change has been a never-ending factor in the lives of creatives. And it’s more difficult to navigate fast-changing trends in visual culture today than it was six months ago. Due to the uncertainty, creativity during COVID-19 includes building the chaos factor of 2020 into their process. Thus, they can quickly shift creative direction if circumstances change.

Positive Impact of COVID-19 For Creatives

As a after-effect of recent events, many creative teams are more inspired to include real world issues in their work. Also, almost 50% of all creatives are using their skill to create campaigns with positive social impact. Obviously, many teams are thinking more creatively than ever before.

Even though there’s uncertainty, creatives are making lemonade out of 2020 events, using it as an opportunity to thrive. Working from home and dealing with the new norm, this is a great time for many to expand their skills in terms of interactive design and Web UI/UX.

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How Creativity Has Changed During COVID-19