3 Inventive Graphic Design Trends For 2022

Graphic design is a highly distinguished industry. Styles, techniques and design trends actually shape the visual world around us. Thus, impacting everything from social media marketing to fashion and beyond.

Even though Christmas is the excitement of the month, we want to get started on predicting graphic design trends. That way, come January 2022, you’ll already have new ideas to work with.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing last year, people had lots of time to be creative. That creativeness has been evident in many websites and graphic designs this year. But come 2022, there’ll be new creative graphic design trends that are even more audacious and vivid.

Ranging from 3D design to crypto art and surrealism, below you’ll find 3 of the top graphic design trends to watch in 2022.

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3 Top Graphic Design Trends For 2022

[1] 3D Design

Because of software capabilities and advanced technologies, more designers are embracing 3D design. In addition to experimenting, 3D design allows to more than flat vector illustrations. There’s dimension and detailed style.

Not only is animation incorporated in 3D work, but also flat illustration and photos. As a result, the finished art is bodacious and creative. Ranging from the the incredibly lifelike to compelling abstract, these designs are ideal for branding, web design and social media content.

As playful as it is powerful, 3D illustration is beginning to blur the boundaries between physical and digital. As seen in this 3D illustration by Khyati Trehan. A mash-up of man and machine, Khyati’s work features moving parts. And a dramatic shadow effect to draw the viewer’s eye to the mechanisms of this 3D creation.

[2] Crypto Art

We’ll definitely see more of crypto art graphic design trend in 2022. What is it? Crypto art is a digital art form. It’s treated like physical artwork collections. Owners can even have verified ownership of a piece of crypto art.

Obviously, the art world has an established system for physical painting collections and for sculptures also. But until now, although it was produced, there was no clear way for people to collect digital artwork.

Additionally, this type of art can take many forms. From music to digital graphics to VR dreamscapes or programmable art. These digital assets can have a collector’s value and can represent items. For instance, GIFs, graphic images, music, photographic, and much more.

[3] Non-Fungible Tokens

This is actually part of #2 but we wanted to break it out for readers’ better understanding. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), provide verifiable proof of origin and allow only one person to own them. While not everyone is a fan of NFTs, it’s good news for collectors.

Also, this means that designers can sell their work without being concerned about their creations. As a result, it would more difficult for someone to successfully replicate without permission.

3D illustrator Amrit Pal Design transformed his Toy Faces series into a string of NFTs. They have been purchased by celebrities and collectors around the world.

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3 Inventive Graphic Design Trends For 2022