How To Plan A Baby Shower

It’s important to know how to plan a baby shower to show support to any parents-to-be as well as provide essentials items for the little one.

To shower the mother-to-be with emotional support and gifts, the modern day baby shower originated during the 1950s baby boom. But today’s baby showers are commonly held for any parents expecting a child.

Regardless if you’re hosting a baby shower for adoptive parents or a single parent, this special occasion should be a time of warmth and celebration. However, if you don’t know how to plan a baby shower the process can feel a little overwhelming. With the amount of preparation, it can require more time than you expect.

That’s where we come in. Continue reading to discover our ‘how to plan a baby shower’ checklist and timeline. We’ve also provided a handy guide for both hosts and parents.

FAQs- How To Plan A Baby Shower

Who Should Host The Baby Shower?
Given that the parents-to-be are already busy enough, most baby showers are organized and hosted by close friends or family members.

When Should The Baby Shower Take Place?
Generally, baby showers are held about two months before the baby is due to arrive. However, this can differ depending on your circumstances. In essence, the parents-to-be need enough time to decorate and prepare their nursery. So, make sure to talk with them about their schedules, desires, and pre-baby plans in order to provide the best experience possible.

Timeline Guide For The Parents

3-4 Months Before Your Baby’s Expected Arrival
The first step for the parents-to-be is to decide if you even want to have a baby shower. If the answer is yes, you should start talking about the topic with your friends and family to let them know you’d be interested in it.

Next, you’ll need to help plan the guest list. Finally, we recommend creating a baby gift registry. This is to help guests pick out the ideal gifts for you and your little one.

The Day Of The Baby Shower
At this point, parents-to-be can simply relax and enjoy this wonderful day. After all, you are the guests of the hour.

Weeks After The Shower
Now that the shower is over, all that’s left on your agenda is to send out thank you cards.

Hosts Timeline Guide

3-4 Months Before The Baby Shower
Once you’ve decided who will host the shower, it’s time for the planning to begin! The first step should always be choosing the date that the shower will take place. Next, set an approximate budget for the shower and the costs it will entail.

After that, it’s time to start searching for a venue. Given that there are a plethora of venues, let the parents-to-be choose the one they’re most comfortable with. Some parents may opt fora casual baby shower at home. Others may prefer a larger, more formal venue.

Once you’ve chosen the date and venue, it’s time to start preparing the stationery supplies and decorations. Don’t forget to include game or activity supplies.

1 Month Before The Baby Shower
About a month before the celebration, arrange your choice of refreshments. Whether you’ll be enjoying some light bites or a full meal, preparing caterers or shopping lists ahead of time helps avoid any unnecessary stress. Be sure to take into account the foods and drinks favored by the parents-to-be!

After that, send out physical invitations or digital baby shower invites. Then sit back and watch the RSVPs roll in.

About 1 Week Before The Shower
Just under a week before the baby shower, you should finalize the confirmed guest list. This will give you an idea of the number of people you’re catering for at the event. After this is done, begin arranging the refreshments and the event space accordingly.

The Day Of The Baby Shower
When the big day has finally arrived, shop for any last-minute items you’ll need, decorate the venue. You’ll also want to set out snacks and drinks, and prepare activities or games your guests will participate in. Also, set up a specific table for the many gifts that the parents-to-be will receive.

We hope our ‘how to plan a baby shower’ party planning guide has aided you in your pursuit of creating a beautiful, memorable day for the parents-to-be.

How To Plan A Baby Shower