What Is The Purpose Of Templates For Graphic Design?

The purpose of templates for graphic design is that they enable even non-designers to create professional graphic designs.

Given that online design tools are on the rise, it makes it easier for non-designers to create visual content. However, it’s still challenging for these individuals because they are not professional designers.

To make their jobs easier, professional graphic designers often use templates and illustrations they have previously created. But this is a different type of repurposing than templates for graphic design that non-designers uses.

So when is the right time to use online resources versus designing from scratch? Well, it all depends on your clients. For example, software available to them to edit the finished design and your client’s budget.

Templates For Graphic Design Using Online Tools

Online design tools like Canva have made it easier for non-designers to create visual material. This cloud-based app as well as others are available for desktop and mobile.

But do professional designers use these tools as well? The answer is yes, sometimes they do. But only to be accommodating to their client. Professional graphic designers use software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and other professional applications.

However, not all clients know how to use these professional applications. So, with Canva for work, a designer can create a whole set of templates using brand assist for a client. When the designer creates such assets on a single platform, it makes it easier for desiring clients to edit themselves. And this is usually why a client makes such a request because fonts, artwork, etc. are available with the templates. Moreover, the designs created by the graphic designer are always available in the cloud for the client’s use.

There are those that call themselves designers but only know how to use Canva. This is a discussion for another day.

When Designing Assets From Scratch Is A Must

Sometimes it’s difficult convincing a client that they need a unique visual strategy. In fact, for a business to have a successful marketing strategy, it needs a unique visual style. Because using only stock photography and sourced graphics will not make their brand stand out from the competition.

This is where a professional graphic designer comes in. They will know how to create the appropriate brand assets that complement the client’s mission. Not only that, but they also have the skills to tweak, reshape, etc. sourced assets that a clients desires to use.

In short, you should always consult with a client about their visual strategy before accepting a project. Because it’s important that the client knows that being unique is always better. However, you can always create custom templates for their graphic design project.

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What Is The Purpose Of Templates For Graphic Design?