Business Holiday Cards Ideas and Etiquette

If you’re not mindful, business holiday cards can turn into a drawn-out project. Unlike personal seasonal greetings, business holiday cards messages are generally more structured. But whether personal or business, seasonal greeting cards are perfect opportunities to connect with people.

Additionally, personalized business holiday cards let you set the stage for a prosperous new year together. If you have clients who continues to support you during COVID-19, sending out business holiday cards will be extra appreciated.

But there’s an art to creating holiday cards for business that sets the right tone. Generally speaking, messages for corporate holiday cards shouldn’t be too personal nor too promotional. Otherwise, you won’t get people in the holiday spirit. Keep these ideas in mind when you’re creating your corporate holiday cards for a merry bright season.

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Etiquette For Business Holiday Cards

Holiday cards for business to clients, vendors and other company partners are good business for many reasons. They not only build loyalty, but also sets you apart from big corporations that don’t send out cards.

Sending out personalized business greeting cards can also attract new business. But most importantly, it shows your coworkers and customers that you care enough to send good wishes during the holidays.

With this in mind, below are messaging and design etiquette for corporate holiday cards.

Inclusive Message For Corporate Holiday Cards

It might be apparent, but it’s definitely worth repeating. That is, messages for corporate holiday cards should be inclusive. Although you may have a close work relationship with some colleagues, avoid holiday-specific messaging. Also, focus your greeting on the holiday season and wishes for the new year.

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Designing Personalized Business Holiday Cards

Be unique when designing or choosing the design for personalized business holiday cards. Although tempting, don’t just use your company’s logo, look and feel for the layout. Instead, turn the focus from a corporate style to the season. As a result, your card’s look and feel will be right for the holiday and more personable. Use your corporate branding, but lead with a seasonal feel.

Holiday Cards For Business With A Luxe Touch

It’s not necessary to have your holiday cards for business glitzy and over-the-top. In fact, cards you send to clients and customers should be made with quality materials. So look for extra touch and good paper like foil trim. These design elements will elevate the card and provide an elegant experience for customers.

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Don’t Overwrite

Most everyone is busy during the holiday season. So resist the urge to write a letter-like message recapping the entire year. Focus instead on a brief message wishing your recipients a happy holiday.

Avoid The Hard Sell

The goal of holiday cards for business is to direct the reader’s focus on warm wishes and people. Avoid the sales pitch and target your message on the season of hopes for a great new year.

Send Your Holiday Card At The Right Time

Time the mailing of your holiday cards for business so recipients receive them during the first two weeks of December. By doing this, they will arrive after Thanksgiving when guests are in the holiday spirit. And they should be received before everyone leaves for their holiday vacations.

Make Sure To Sign It

Personalized business holiday cards are truly personalized until you sign it. A handwritten note is also recommended to avoid feeling impersonal. Obviously, impersonal is not the feeling you’re wanting to create.

Double Check Your Spelling and Your List

Like your clients, you’re busy too. So use a spell-check tool or have someone else read your note. It would be awful to realize you have typos and mistakes on the final product after you’ve stamped it.

Your list of people to send your personalized business greeting cards to isn’t just about the big clients. Hence, you should send a card to everyone who helped make the year successful. This includes assistants, delivery personnel, and other key people who helped your company achieve its goals.

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Business Holiday Cards Ideas and Etiquette