Creative Ways To Use Personalized Address Labels

Personalized address labels are handy items to have on hand. Particularly if you ship your own packages and other mailing sizes. For example, people mail large quantities of invitations and holiday cards.

But personalized address labels can also be used for other purposes. And if you get creative, you can repurpose those labels for many other practical uses. Of course, some of the uses require that the back of the label is not the sticky type.

With this in mind, here are a few ways to use personalized address labels other than on an envelope.

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01. Gift Tags

Using address labels for a gift tags lets the recipient easily identity who the gift is from. Moreover, details on the address label makes it convenient for the recipient to send the gift giver a thank you card.

Making a gift tag is easy. Simply tape the address label to a piece of pretty card stock. Then write your message to the recipient on the blank side. If you’re putting the tag on a gift bag, punch a hole in the corner of the label. Use string or swing to tie it onto the bag. Otherwise, adhere it to the top of the gift along with a ribbon or bow. It doesn’t get any easier that that!

02. Luggage Tags

When traveling, address labels are very useful for tagging your important items. For example, your luggage, digital camera, mobile devices, and more. If you accidentally leave one of these items on the airplane, the finder will be able to return it to you.

03. Office Supplies and Crafts

When setting up various types of events, like church get-togethers, you bring your own supplies and crafts. Especially for children activities. Putting personalized address labels on these supplies help you keep track of them. If they get lost, people will know who to return them to. For small supplies, you can cut off a portion and just label them with your name.

04. Children’s Belongings

Kids love personalizing their items with graphics and their name. Phones, notebooks, laptops – really, anything that belongs to them. Given these points, give them their own set of address labels. Then they can label to their heart’s content. Labels are also great for preschoolers’ supplies and lunch boxes.

05. Bookplates

Bookworms will truly appreciate this use of address labels. Ideally, put the label inside the cover of your book. Make sure though that it’s actually on the cover part that’s attached to the book. Some books come with paper cover sleeves. Given that the sleeve can easily be removed from the book, it’s not an ideal place for the label.

Now that you’ve labeled your book, if you happen to loose it, it’ll have a greater chance of being returned. While you’re at it, label your planners and important magazines as well.

06. Paperwork

Using white address labels on paperwork can be a great timesaver. For instance, some documents and forms have multiple pages. Using the labels with your name and address on them, prevents you from having to repeatedly write this information.

You can use labels to use labels on charitable donation forms, on the back of raffle tickets, or tag items you put on consignment.

07. Items You Lend Out

We’ve all loaned things to family and friends which have never been returned. Labeling your tools, music and other items you lend out, increases the odds they’ll be returned. This is especially a good idea when loaning out kitchenware for events. If you’re not going to be around for cleanup time, you had better label your bowls and other dishes.

Who would have ever imagined that such a small item could be used in so many unique ways? Now that we’ve got you started, you’ll likely have fun thinking of even more creative uses for address labels.

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Creative Ways To Use Personalized Address Labels