DIY Coffee Mug Planter Ideas

The best DIY coffee mug planter ideas often use succulents. Because these types of plants retain water in their leaves, they are able to withstand long droughts. For instance, if you live in the dessert or not very good about watering your plants. Then, succulents may be the best type of plant for your home or office decor.

Similar to a Chia Pet Planter, you can use your coffee mug planter ideas for your decor. Not only are they lush green, but they require low maintenance. In addition to that, they are so cute!

Due to their size, not every likes to use coffee mugs has a planter container. Even so, when personalized with great artwork, they liven up any small area of a room.

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Coffee Mug Planter Ideas

While there are many different types of containers, coffee mug planters are great ideas. Even though they aren’t as large as other plants, they’re wonderful for small succulents. If you collect coffee mugs, now you can show off your favorites. Besides, your cupboards were probably getting pretty full anyway. Right?

In addition to providing steps to spruce up your coffee mugs, we’ll also provide a short list of succulents to use. So, let’s dive in!

Items You’ll Need:

  • Mugs
  • Garden Soil
  • Spoon or Small Shovel
  • Water
  • Succulents

Here’s How To Do It:

DIY Coffee Mug Planter Ideas - Step 1

#1. Cover the inside bottom of the mug with garden pebbles. This will be helpful with water drainage. After that, add cactus soil on top of the pebbles. You can also use rocks.

DIY Coffee Mug Planter Ideas - Step 2

#2. Gently remove the succulent from the plastic pot it came in and place it inside the mug. Due to the amount of dirt, it may not initially fit into your mug. If this is the case, carefully remove excess soil from the sides or the bottom of it.

DIY Coffee Mug Planter Ideas - Step 3

#3. The Finishing Touch
For the finish touch, add white pea gravel or pebbles to the top of the soil. In addition to reducing soil disruption when watering, it makes the arrangement look elegant.

And that’s it! How adorable is this little cactus in a cactus coffee mug?

It’s important to remember not to over water these planters because they don’t have drainage holes. However, you can always finger-test the soil moisture. If soil is still wet, wait a few days and check it again before watering.

Also, place them in direct sunlight. While some spaces have bright interior lightening, it’s not the same as natural sunlight.

Succulents You Can Use In A Coffee Mug

Anyone can use our DIY coffee mug planter ideas to make a simple, but elegant gardening project. Once you’ve chosen your ideal mug, decide on the best succulents to put in them.

Here are a few ideas for plants to use:

  1. Echeveria – Princess Blue
  2. Astrophytum Asteria — Star Cactus
  3. Sempervivum — Red Nails
  4. Crassula Ovata — the ‘Hobbit’ Jade Plant
  5. Haworthia Fasciata— the Zebra Plant

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DIY Coffee Mug Planter Ideas