Difference Between Wedding and Bridal Shower

A wedding shower is a party for both bride and groom, whereas a bridal shower is thrown for the bride only.

A wedding shower or bridal shower is a common event for the months leading up to a wedding. Since there’s a difference between a wedding and bridal shower, sometimes it’s best to choose one rather than trying to do both.

Because gifts are usually expected at these parties, it can put a financial strain on guests if throw too many pre-wedding events. So, if you’re wondering which one to choose, here are the main differences between a wedding shower and bridal shower.

What Is The Difference Between A Wedding and Bridal Shower?

Wedding Shower

The wedding shower is an inclusive celebration for both the bride and groom. One could say it’s a bit outside the more normal traditional pre-wedding events.

Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is the traditional celebratory party only for the bride-to-be. During this event she is provided with essential items for the marital home. While the groom does not attend this party, he may arrive towards the end to give his partner flowers and thank the guests.

Who Hosts?

Traditionally, the maid of honor is tasked with organizing the bridal shower. However, since the maid of honor has many duties, it’s not uncommon for a close family member to take the lead instead.

One of the main differences between a wedding and bridal shower is that the former is not bound by the same etiquette. In fact, a wedding shower can be organized and hosted by diverse range of people. In general, like the bridal shower, it’s organized by high-ranking members of the bridal party. However, it can also be hosted by family members, a group of friends, or even the couple themselves.

The Guests

The golden rule for both wedding and bridal shower is that shower guests must also be invited to the wedding. But not all wedding guests need to be invited to the shower. In general, the guest list is limited to female members of the wedding party. And the number of guests invited is up to the organizers and of course, the bride.

As previously stated, the wedding shower is a less traditional event. As such, it can be attended by family members, close friends of any gender. Consequently, wedding showers are often larger events with more extensive guest lists. And the atmosphere is more party-like.

When and Where Should The Shower Take Place?

When it comes to dates, wedding and bridal showers are very similar. Most experts agree that any shower should take place somewhere between three weeks and three months prior to the actual wedding. Regardless of the date you choose, make sure to mail the shower invitations four to six weeks in advance. Doing so will give guests plenty of notice.

As far as where the shower should take place depends on which type you’re throwing. For instance, bridal showers typically take place at the host’s home. But due to the guest list size for wedding showers, they are usually held at larger venues like restaurants or vineyards.

Which Shower Is Right For You?

Most people prefer a more traditional approach for wedding related events. In this case, the bridal shower would be the best choice. On the other hand, if inclusivity is preferred, then the wedding shower is the better option.

Difference Between Wedding and Bridal Shower