DIY Covid Conscious Invitations

When sending out DIY covid conscious invitations, there are many things you need to think about. Because unlike the good ole days, we must think more about guests health and safety. Not that health and safety hasn’t always been an important aspect of events, but it’s even more important now.

Social events give people something lighthearted to look forward to. But ill planning can turn an otherwise great event into a bad life changing experience. And since COVID-19 has changed how we interact with one another, your DIY covid conscious invitations need to be spot on.

After all, the main purpose of an invitation is to communicate important event related information to your guests. And due to the coronavirus, there are more pre-event and precautions guests should be aware of.

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What To Include in DIY Covid Conscious Invitations

Regardless if you’re throwing a birthday bash or wedding shower, we’ve got COVID invitation tips for you. These invitation wording examples are helpful in navigating a safe event during a pandemic.

1. Communicate That You’re Taking Safety Precautions

When planning a COVID safe event, putting your guests at ease is paramount. Albeit there’s minimal space on DIY Covid conscious invitations, reassuring guests that your event includes best safety practices is vital.

We’re adhering to recommended guidelines to make sure this event is safe for everyone.

For everyone’s safety, we’re proceeding with the following precautions & safety measures.

This is a good time to include things like face mask and vaccine requirements, and proof of COVID negative tests. Also, if you have an event website, you can include more detailed information there. For example, how you’re managing food and beverages in a safe manner. Additionally, you can provide hand sanitizers for purchase.

2. Be Aware When It Comes To The RSVP

Under the circumstances, everyone is aware of the additional complexities that now surrounds party planning. Generally speaking, people are not offended when you give tighter deadlines for RSVPs. Given these points, it’s important to give guests a chance to respond quickly or last minute if necessary.

You should also provide a phone number or email address so guests can contact you if needed. Keep in mind that not everyone will feel comfortable attending an event. Especially people who are at high risk from the virus. So, don’t take offense if you’re getting lots of ‘not attending’ responses. In fact, here’s great preemptive wording for this situation.

In spite of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re moving forward with our [event] and hope to celebrate with you. But if you feel uncomfortable attending for any reason, we completely understand.

Given that the future is unpredictable, please take your time deciding whether to goin us at our [event]. And keep us updated if there’s anything we can do to be more accommodating.

3. Welcome Technology

By embracing technology, your event can include those who want to be there but can’t for various reasons. Although the size of your event is limited, you can include non attendees by live streaming the event. And don’t forget to also include login details on the DIY Covid conscious invitations so people can have instant access.

Due to COVID-19, we’re adhering to recommended social distancing rules. So, if you’re joining us in person, please keep a safe distance from others. For online attendees, we thank you for your understanding during this unusual time.

With so much great technology at our disposal nowadays, we’ve decided to stream our [event] online. Now everyone can join safely from the comfort of their homes! We can’t wait to virtually see you!

4. Provide Instructions For Guests

This is a new day for everyone. Consequently, you should provide information to guests that’ll help keep the event safe. For instance, let guests know whether to bring their own masks or if one will be provided for them. Taking it further, offer everyone hand sanitizers upon arrival keeps them accountable for their own health.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to issue a reminder to encourage guests to stay home if they’re not feeling well.

We’re excited about spending our special day with you. We’ll be taking necessary precautions at [venue name] to ensure a joyous and safe celebration. For the safety of yourself and others, we encourage you to bring your face mask. Please make sure you keep a 6 feet distance from other guests. But if you feel unwell or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home. You won’t miss out as we’ll be live streaming the [event] from our website for you to enjoy.

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What To Include in DIY Covid Conscious Invitations
What To Include in DIY Covid Conscious Invitations
DIY Covid Conscious Invitations