How To Create The Perfect Logo

Logos are an integral part of your brand development and marketing strategy. As such, you should create the perfect logo that is memorable and timeless.

Take the Starbucks iconic green color, the McDonald’s ‘M”, or the Nike swoosh. Most people around the world have these logos memorized and can even pick them out in a lineup of similar logos.

In general, designing a logo is the task of a professional graphics designer or graphics artist. But as the client, it’s important that you:

  • share your inspiration and vision with your designer
  • know what will be harmful and useful to your brand

Doing so allows you to have a basic understanding of what feedback to give the designer during the creative process. Whether you are a new designer or startup business gleaming on the horizon, here are 5 rules to create the perfect logo.

1. Create Variations

From your website to print, social media and product packaging, your logo we be used throughout your branding process. For this reason, creating multiple variations allow you to use your branding across all mediums and platforms.

Once you decide on a logo, stick with it because changing it often can actually hurt your brand recognition due to inconsistency.

2. Research Your Potential Audience

Because you want to cater your branding to the audience you plan to interact with, research is critical when it comes to logo design. If your business is geared towards an older demographic, then a classic logo is ideal. For instance, use a short slogan, silhouettes, classic fonts, etc. On the other hand, for a younger audience, your brand should be more modern such as cleanliness and minimalism.

With this in mind, targeting a younger audience does not mean you should be following trends. In other words, trends come and go in the blink of an eye and can be harmful in establishing your brand. This means your logo could be dead before you have even established your business.

3. Use Color Theory

Color theory is a must to create the perfect logo. Your colors should work well together as well as invoke emotion or feeling that’s associated with your brand. Since professional designers have studied color theory and the color wheel, they know how to mix colors. And how to achieve the vision you’re going for.

Even if it’s through text, provide some inspiration and they will be able to bring your vision to life. If you are set on a certain color scheme, we recommend keeping it to no more than 2 colors and 1 complementary color.

4. Take Advantage Of Negative Space

Negative space aka white space, is important to the design. So, incorporating it into your logo is a subtle way to create the perfect logo. Also, make sure your design is not busy. When your logo has a lot going on, it will look tiring to the average eye. Besides, it cannot be used on multiple mediums. In essence, too much text, too many elements, etc, are all things to avoid in logo design.

5. Use Legible Fonts

Regardless the age you are catering to, legibility will always be relevant. Therefore, your font selection is critical to your logo, and a font type that’s easy to read requires little thought. Also, don’t use too many different font types because then your logo will look unprofessional and cluttered.

Do you have a vision for a logo but don’t know how to execute it? Or do you need assistance with vision too? In either case, Vizons Design can create the perfect logo for your business. Get in touch with us today.

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How To Create The Perfect Logo