How To Plan A Spa Birthday Party

Planning a spa birthday party can be fun, but not if it stresses you out. Besides, that would be in contradiction with the relaxing spa atmosphere. Instead, you should be celebration lots of life’s big moments.

At a spa birthday party, the guest of honor can be stress-free and look forward to life feeling fresh and ready. Obviously, a spa day is one of the most relaxing ways to spend your day. But planning a spa birthday party for big or small group can be less relaxing.

The following tips will help make the planning process almost as relaxing as the pampering process.

3 Tips For Planning A Spa Birthday Party

There are as many ways to host a birthday party at a spa as there are treatments on a spa menu. You can do a home spa day complete with DIY treatments. Grab your crew and head to a resort-style spa for the ultimate pamper party. Or hire a masseuse or cosmetologist to come to your home. Each of these path requires different prep, so we’ve broke it all down for you.

01. Decide On The Venue

There are three basic paths you can take toward pampering. Visit a spa, bring the spa to you, or make your own spa. Here are some options for each.

  • Make Your Own Spa. This is the least expensive option, and it can be a lot of fun. But since you’ll be making your own treatments, it also requires the most prep work and cleanup. A DIY spa day is a great addition to a ladies’ night with plenty of wine.
  • Visit a Resort. Going to a resort-style spa is one of the most relaxing options. But it can also be expensive and it’s often time-limited. That is, you have to leave at the end of your appointment window. Choosing this route means calling multiple spas in your area to find out which treatments they offer. Compare prices, and ask how many guests they can accommodate at once.
  • Bring The Spa To You. If you want something between resort-style pampering and the flexibility of an at-home party, you’re in luck. You can hire a masseuse and/or cosmetologist to come to your house and provide massages, facials, or mani–pedis. This also allows you to combine your spa theme with other relaxing at-home theme parties, like a pajama party.
Spa Birthday Party Invitation
Spa Party Invitation

02. Choose Your Treatment Menu

Once you’ve decided on what kind of spa day you want to host, it’s time to choose the treatment options.

Home Spa. Most cosmetologists who make house calls provide some combination of manicures, pedicures, or facials. Decide which services you want to offer at your party. And if you’re going to ask guests to split the cost. Let them know how much you expect it to be per person.

Spa Resort. You may be able to get discounted passes to access the hot tub, sauna, or pool. Then you can add on any treatments you like. Don’t forget to get prices for each of the treatments so you can share them with your guests. It’s also a good idea to get prices for packages in case everyone wants something different.

DIY. If you’re going to DIY your home spa party, you’ll need to mix up some at-home treatments in advance.

03. Book In Advance

For everything except the DIY home spa option, you’ll want to book as far in advance as possible. Sometimes it’s possible to get spa appointments for up to four people on short notice. However, if you have more guests than that you’ll likely be out of luck. Remember to collect your RSVPs at least a month in advance.

How To Plan A Spa Birthday Party