Custom Birthday Cards Popularity In The Digital Age

Thanks to millennials, custom birthday cards are still popular in the digital age. Although the pandemic took its toll on many industries, the greeting card industry is healthier than you may think.

This steady sells pace of custom birthday cards is partly because of online services. For example, social media companies, texts and email have made it easier to send instant greetings. However, many people still enjoy the paper aspect of this traditional correspondence.

Nevertheless, younger people are high users of electronic custom greeting cards. In fact, the greeting card industry could generate as much as $950 billion this Christmas. And many experts say it’s especially due to millennial and younger people who are keeping the industry alive.

Not only are they buying cards, but often prefer speciality cards with personal touches. And this is why custom birthday cards are so popular.

Popular Custom Birthday Cards

From pop-up cards to speech bubble and funny cards, personalized birthday cards are fun to receive. And millennials are buying not just buying personalized birthday cards, but also cards to congratulate friends on school exams.

Obviously, these are the card-worthy moments that greeting card companies live for. They even try to anticipate various card moments ahead of time. But if you can’t find that idea message or design you want, have a look at our custom and personalized birthday cards. You can change the graphics and messages in our custom designed cards.

Albeit some people just like sending custom birthday cards, others send thank you notes. And the notes cards aren’t for any particularly reason. Mostly they are sent ‘just because’. It’s also worth nothing that although you can’t get custom greeting cards at the grocers, cards are nonetheless available here. This makes it super convenient to buy cards while you’re at the grocery store getting food.

Online Personalized Birthday Cards

Although custom greeting cards took a hit after e-greeting cards became popular, still, paper cards are a mainstay. This is because paper greeting cards give you something to hold. And second, they are more personable than e-greetings.

Gen Z (ages 9-24) are mostly the group that’s enjoying custom greeting cards. Online services such as Zazzle has made it convenient for anyone to get unique card designs. This includes personalized birthday cards by allowing people to upload personal photos to customize the cards.

New Trends In Custom Greeting Cards

Millennials are also making use of digital greeting card. These apps allow them to personalize cards with just a click of a button. Even though the screen size can be challenging, some apps let people upload photos from their phone. And they can even write a message in their own handwriting. When they’re done, the companies mail the greeting card to the recipient. Obviously, their goal is to create a more personalized experience and make cards that are more relatable to younger people.

Custom Birthday Cards Popularity In The Digital Age