8 Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas For 2023

Creating a checklist of simple new year’s resolution ideas offers the chance of actually achieving your goals. The new year provides a fresh start and so many possibilities!

Since life is unpredictable, a list of new year resolution ideas we can accomplish can be rewarding. When you set lofty goals you can become overwhelmed by the pressure to achieve them. As a result, some of us fail before April.

Even though a new year can mean a new you, setting ambitious goals can lead to early failure. After your New Year Eve’s party comes New Year’s Day. And with it, a time for conjuring new year resolution ideas.

If you haven’t had much luck keeping your New Year’s resolutions in the past, it’s not to late to start. And 2023 is as good a year as any to turn over a new leaf. So whether you want to create more manful interpersonal connections. Or hone in on your physical or mental health. Regardless which route you choose, there are so many ways to create a healthier and happier life.

Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas

You can prevent failure this year by setting small, achievable goals. So, try these 8 new year resolution ideas that are worth adoption as your own.

New Year Resolution Ideas - Journaling

01. Start a Gratitude Journal

Rather than reserving gratitude for Thanksgiving, make it a daily practice. When you wake up in the morning or before you fall asleep, write down your thoughts. Even if you don’t know what to say, there are positive mental benefits to physically writing down your words. If you’re stumped, think about the fact that you’re alive is enough to be grateful for.


Simple New Year's Resolution - Pen Pal

02. Have a Pen Pal

Albeit a popular means of communication, sometimes texting can be impersonal. Instead, go old school and write a physical letter or note to friends and family. Not only will they be impressed you took the time, but they may start a scrapbook. Besides, you might be surprised about how your relationship grows from the practice.


New Year Resolution Ideas - Baking

03. Simple New Year’s Resolution Master a Baked Good

If you’re not a professional chef, baking can be intimidating. However, it’s also a meditative and rewarding activity. Rather than baking different goods, become an expert at baking one thing. You can either choose one type of baked good or one recipe.


Simple New Year's Resolution - Get Sleep

04. Get a Full Night’s Sleep

According to The National Sleep Foundation, adults should get an average of 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Depending on the type of day you’ve had, it might be difficult to fall asleep. In this case, outfitting your sleep space with cozy bedding can help.


New Year Resolution Ideas - Reduce Plastic Use

05. Reduce Single-Use Plastic Consumption

This is one of the easiest new year resolution ideas to practice. While plastic is a big part of our daily lives, it’s not great for the environment. But you can do your part to reduce carbon emissions and slow global warming. In fact, it’s as simple as using reusable bags, bottles, and cutlery.


New Year Resolution Ideas - Drink more water

06. Drink More Water

Beverages like soda, tea, or coffee are more exciting that plain water. But upping your H2O consumption might be the key better health and appearance. For instance, a more balanced diet and radiant skin, plus much more. Obviously, drinking more water is a simple new year’s resolution so it should be easy to achieve.


Hiking New Year Resolution

07. Commit To Hiking

Spending more time in the sunny outdoors can actually boost your vitamin D levels. Not only that, but it’s also the best way to feel more grounded. Given these points, get outside more often and explore terrains you’ve never visited. Or even ones you have visited before. You’ll be surprised how refreshing and transformative a hike can make you feel.


New Year's Resolution -  Meditate/Yoga

08. Make Time To Meditate

Mental health is just as important as physical health. After all, you have to be in a good mindset to carryout physical activities. So this year, make an effort to put as much TLC into your mind as you do your body. There are even various apps and programs to help you get started!


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8 Simple New Year\'s Resolution Ideas For 2023