Best Dorm Room Ideas For Girls

You may be expected to conjure up dorm room ideas for girls if you’re returning to class in August. While 2020 was a summer of nothingness due to the pandemic, this summer is a bit different. More stores are open and you can shop for your dorm room decor.

Oh, you haven’t thought about that? No worries. We’ve got a list of dorm room ideas for girls that’ll make yours the coziest dorm on the quad.

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Dorm Room Ideas For Girls

Although good looks do count for some things, they won’t help you get into college. But since you made it in, you’re probably somewhat of a geek who will rule the world some day. Unfortunately, most dorm rooms don’t have much space for large book collections.

Still, create a comfortable reading nook that even the girls down the hall will want to cozy up in. Here are ideas for decorating your dorm room to get you inspired.

Dorm Room Decor - Bookshelf

Organizers For Dorm Room Decor

For those of us who have graduated, we know dorm room organization is key to helping you stay focused.

In addition to a small wall shelf, make your desk clutter free with a space saver. This Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer not only has features for books, but also for your other school essentials.

Add this space saver shelf to your dorm room decor. You can even adjust the space between the two parts of the shelf.

Moreover, it weighs only 5 pounds, so you’ll have no trouble with it when moving. It also assembles in minutes. That’s less headache for the move-in or move-out day.

Decorate Your Dorm Room with Throw Pillows

Decorate Your Dorm Room with Throw Pillows

Don’t miss out on all this pillow fights with your roomies. You can’t ever have too many throw pillows, so pile ’em up. You can even choose customizable products like diversity throw pillows to decorate your dorm room. Or throw pillow photo collage of your best friends.

Throw pillows are great dorm room ideas for girls because they make the bed even cushier. Not to mention they are comforting to hold for all sorts of reasons.

Also, most college students are on a budget. Consequently, the cost-benefit ratio of a set of throw pillows will almost always work out in your favor.

Dorm Room Ideas for Girls Fleece Throw Blankets

Best Dorm Room Ideas

One of the best dorm room ideas for both girls and boys is to have a comfy blanket handy.

We know you don’t always feel like getting out of bed, but sometimes you have to be adults.

Having a throw blanket at the foot of your bed or on a chair makes it easy to grab and go. But not far, just all the way over to your desk. This way, you’re not tempted to nap instead of studying.

In addition to making it easily accessible, the right blanket can add a pop of color to your dorm room decor.

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Best Dorm Room Ideas For Girls