Tips For Creating A Home Wellness Space

Although we’re slowing getting back to the new norm, many kids are still homeschooled. Even though many adults have adjusted to working from home, there’s lots of restricted space. So, instead of continuing to adjust, create a home wellness space. Not only will this give everyone a quiet place, but you’ll have a place to escape the sameness.

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What is a Home Wellness Space?

A home wellness space is an area of your home where you can focus on your well-being. Some people work on computer projects they love in a quiet office. Others may need a place to read, mediate, do yoga, or to simply relax. Given these points, the idea is for it to be comfortable place that you can embrace and escape everything else.

Ideally, trying to convert your entire house into a home wellness space can be overwhelming. In fact, just the thought of it could add more stress and anxiety. Instead, choose a single room or area of a room to start. After the space is created, it’ll be easier to let those good energy flow into other areas of your home. The goal is wellness, not more anxiety and stress.

Now that you’ve decided on a room or area to transform, consider these ideas to get your chi going.


There’s nothing more soothing than the scents of your favorite candles. Flowers and essential oils have wonderful fragrances too. Essential oil fragrances such as lavender and eucalyptus mint have a soothing aromatic feeling. And you can use them to make your own natural air freshener with water and a spray bottle. Also, using toxic cleaners are counterproductive to your home wellness space as they have unpleasant smells.

Add Plants

Not just plants though. Bring a little of nature into your wellness space such as stones or wood that represents nature. Although painting a room with a soft natural color lends to wellness, it’s not always necessary to do so. In fact, the natural colors in potted plants and flowers are great for providing splashes of color.

Houseplants not only removes toxins from the air, but they also add a sense of calm and peacefulness. But if you don’t have a green thumb, consider low-maintenance plants like jade plants, ferns, and peace lilies.

Also, try to place your furniture so it faces a window. Studies show that looking at nature can also encourage feels of well-being. Opening your windows to allow fresh air inside is also helpful. Of course, only if weather permits and you don’t have allergies.

Tidy Up

Generally speaking, keeping your house tidy is creates a better home wellness space as well as decluttering your home in general. It’s known that untidiness lends to stress and chaos. Not to mention being a distraction from a general sense. If you’re constantly thinking about cleaning up, how will you ever relax?

For some people, not having their cell phone in the same room causes palpitations. But if you’re really intending to transform your home into a wellness space, consider this. Having your cell phone and other devices in your bedroom at night causes you to continue interacting with others. And sometimes, even working in your bedroom. If you must have these devices in your bedroom, consider turning them off at night.

On the other hand, if having these devices and a TV on in your bedroom creates calm for you, by all means leave them there.

Using the Right Colors

Colors not only have meanings in business, but they also affect your home wellness space. For instance, reds and yellows are more energizing. Neutral tones, greens, and blues are soothing, making them more appropriate for your wellness space.

The Right Lightening

Keep your window treatments simply to allow natural light to flow through because natural light is more suitable for wellness spaces. Nowadays, most people have blinds on their windows. This makes it super easy to open them to allow as much or as little light in that’s best for you.

Alternatively, if you don’t have windows in your space, soft artificial lights works well.

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Tips For Creating A Home Wellness Space