Different Types Of Photo Printed Cards

There are a number of different types of photo printed cards. Customizable products like photo cards include photographs taken by the person sending the card, or by someone. Although there are many memories people share, photos of pets and families are especially popular. But any image can be used for various types of photo cards.

Many people send out unique types of photo cards during the holidays. Special occasions like save the date and accomplishments are also popular times for such cards. And during graduation and wedding season, these types of photo cards are very popular.

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Types Of Photo Cards

You can make simple photo cards by ordering photographic prints and attaching the prints to blank cards. Many stationery stores such as Hallmark often sell blank cards for this purpose. And you can also start from scratch using card stock that’s already cut to size.

In addition to that, you can run a template through your home photo printer. Then, include your personalized notes in addition to the photograph. Albeit you can also print the interior message. Writing a handwritten note instead adds more personalization.

Folded Custom Photo Cards

You can also use an online service specialty company to make custom photo cards. With these services, you upload your photos to one of their templates and design your card online. Obviously, this is more hassle-free than trying to do custom photos on your home printer.

After you create an account with your favorite online service, you can reuse those templates. Additionally, the company prints your custom photo cards and provide matching envelopes. This is definitely more convenient than running around town searching stores for matching card elements.

You can print your greeting cards as folded custom photo cards or a flat photo card. But first, decide which orientation is right for the design before you begin the process. Choose between a landscape or portrait orientation for your design before selecting the layout, card size, and theme.

Custom Types of Photo Cards

  • Layouts: Decide if you want your folded card to have a gate fold, single fold, or tri-fold.
  • Card Sizes: Choose between 6×8, 5×7, or 5×5 card.
  • Themes: Add a touch of elegance with a monogrammed, floral, or minimal theme. Keep it natural with an outdoor, tropical, or botanical look. Then, to add flair to your custom photo cards, choose elements like shine and glitter.

Flat Cards

Graduation, save the date, and happy new year are good options for a flat card. Make your card your own by including memories with a special design, theme, layout, and size.

  • Layouts: The layout of your design is determined by the card’s orientation.
  • Card Sizes: Available sizes include 5×7, 6×8, 4×8, or 5×5 card.
  • Themes: There are endless themed options to make the design your own. For example, add texture to your Christmas card with shine and glitter for a festive look.

Whether you’re creating the best holiday cards, wedding or other occasions, it’s a unique way to recapture memories. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for a replacement or credit.

Different Types Of Photo Printed Cards