What Highly Creative People Love

Some folks think that all highly creative people love to do is daydream. Well, if that were the case, they wouldn’t be creative – only daydreamers. Right? Although, that is partly truly, they are also imaginative.

Highly creative people are well-grounded and can turn their daydreams and imagination into reality. When spring comes around, everything is new and fresh, and people are laughing and feeling the love. It’s a change that inspires creativity.

Whether you’re a typographer, designer, or photographer, your projects are identifiable unique. As such, there are certain details that cause you to fall in love with your work all over again.

While this is our selection of what highly creative people love, tell us the things you love about what you do.

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What Highly Creative People Love

In general, creative people tend to have lots of energy, both mentally and physically. We spend hours working on a single project that holds our attention. Yet, we remain enthusiastic all the while.

However, a creative mind doesn’t mean always engaging in a focused project. Instead, we’re imaginative, curious, and spend time at rest reflecting on topics to fuel our creativeness. Given these points, here’s what highly creative people love.

1. Things Designers Love

There are so many things that gives a designer pleasure. For example, a perfectly balanced color palette to text with no orphaned lines. But, for this list, we’re looking for more specific things.

Designers enjoy:

  • Organization. There’s nothing more beautiful that opening a Photoshop file and seeing all the layers grouped and named. This is one of the things that’s most valued and appreciated. Particularly, when you’re working with a file inherited from another designer. In other words, don’t just do it for yourself, but also do it for your colleagues.
  • Perfectly Aligned Anchors. Albeit this is not always possible. But when it is, the pen tool can lead to a beautiful image. It’s an incredible feeling to see that your vector anchor curves perfectly straight. And that they form the right curve you need; nothing more or less.
  • Codes With More Than Just Colors. When you’re working with most brands, you have to use specific shades. And a code tells you the exact color required for your project. However, there are some codes that in addition to colors are also secret messages. Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out this website. There you’ll find a variety of colors whose codes from funny words.

2. Typographers Passions

Even though it’s a painstaking process, for several years now, the art of lettering has been gaining popularity. In fact, choosing the right font makes a world of difference for a website. This also holds true for print. So, there are actually people who are dedicated to making all these gorgeous letters for us.

What typographers like:

  • When It Looks Good AND Reads Well. Often, the charm of lettering is in overloading the designs, making them look baroque. But a good design must also be easy to read. As such, when it’s achieved in a design with a lot of filigrees, it’s instant love.
  • Looks Good AND Sounds Great. Each material awakes a different feeling in a creative person. The way the paper rustles when you run the tip of your pen across the sheet. How the freshly loaded brush glides across the page. It’s those little things that awakens your senses and make you feel alive.
  • A Letter Becoming An Alphabet. An idea can sometimes be like a bright light in a fog. A tiny spark transforms into a design. And sometimes, one letter can give birth to a system that works for every other letter.

Not everyone can close their eyes and visualize what they need to design. Or break away from how they’ve always worked and come up with new concepts. It takes a unique mind, one that’s most often in creative people.

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What Highly Creative People Love