What Does It Mean To Be A Fan Of Something?

People become a fan of something or someone for different reasons. And there are different types of fans such as fanatic, casual or devoted fan. In short, everyone is a fan. As humans, it’s natural to want to discover what brings us joy.

Generally speaking, you can be a fan of just about anything. From beautiful websites that’s packed with valuable content to pop culture, and so on. But what does it really mean to be a fan or a ‘devoted’ fan? Are there specific rules or requirements? How does one become a fan and what are the benefits of being a fan?

In any event, the Vizons Design team are fans of research and devout analysts of in-depth analysis. We found some answers regarding what a fan is, and why you should become one of ours! Read on to learn more.

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What Is A Fan?

Wikipedia defines a fan as an ‘aficionado or enthusiast’. But the word is also a short version of ‘fanatic’, meaning ‘a person with uncritical zeal or obsessive enthusiasm’.

Different Types of Fanatic

To be a fanatic about something includes having a level of zest that some find unappealing. Not only can you lose perspective between reality and desire, but it can also make you vulnerable to attacks and dismissal. But this article is not about negativity, it’s about enjoying what makes you happy.

Fans are people who fervently celebrate, admire, and support a particular product, person, brand, or company. And certain fandoms even have their own bynames. For instance, ‘Ringers” are those obsessed with Lord of The Rings. And ‘Twihards’ are fans of the Twilight movies. These self-assigned classifications provide a familiar relationship with the company or object it’s assigned to. Additionally, the followers feel a sense of community and identity.

Benefits of Being in a Fandom

One of the main reasons why people join fandoms is the sense of belonging. By sharing common interests with others, people become part of an imagined community. This gives them a sense of of collective identity.

Additionally, the communities are not restricted to face-to-face relationships to exist. And this also helps to avoid issues of class, gender, and race within a fandom. With comic conventions and movie series, being in a fandom is nearly a lifestyle. Consequently, it’s one one that is super easy to enjoy with others.

Another benefit is to escape. It’s a way to relax, switch off everything else, and be a part of something exciting and fun. In fact, identifying with website design can act as a barrier against chaos and alienation. It’s because their chosen websites display order, structure and engages them.

Moreover, there are also advantages to having fans. By creating a product ‘buzz’, interconnected people engaging with this product, can boost profits and publicity. and even positive feedback!

Now that we know everyone is a fan of something, how do you share your interest? Do you agree with our explanations and definitions above? Share your comments below with us!

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What Does It Mean To Be A Fan Of Something?