Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home

When it comes to large dining room wall decor ideas in your home, sometimes it’s best to mix it up. You can even use various types of furniture and planters to fill an empty space.

If you’re wondering how to enhance the look and feel of certain rooms in your home, framed art can be both sentimental and decorative solutions. There’s no doubt that wall decor ideas like gallery walls would be a huge hit for your home.

You can even visit social media platforms for gallery walls inspiration. However, one can feel overwhelmed about where to start and which idea to choose that best reflects their unique style. For this reason, we’ve collected some interesting ways to incorporate different styles into your interior. Continue reading to discover tricks that will make all your walls look fetching.

Types Of Layouts Wall Decor Ideas For Home

If you’re using gallery walls, the arrangement is important. In fact, there are different factors to consider when deciding on a layout. For example, the style of frame, number of photos, and the size of the space.

There are two types of gallery walls for the home. The first one is a salon style which is more flexible and can be extended over time by adding new frames. And the second type is grids which are more formal. Although each style comes in numberless variations, popular examples include crown style, pyramid or the triptych.

Gallery Walls With An Unpredictable Balance

There’s actually a science behind the number of frames on a wall. Some neuroscientist believe your eyes and brain get bored by rigid predictable and rigid patterns. Conversely, an unexpected confirmation can prove aesthetically pleasing. In essence, you should focus on something in between to create an enjoyable balance.

In practice, this suggest an odd number of frames and a mix of sizes to create visual variety. For example, if a wall is 3×4 feet, you can fit seven photos on the wall, or you can go with one 16×16 frame or three 8×10 frames, which can also be hung horizontally.

Establish A Consistent Style

Deciding on one theme you’d like to display creates a consistent style which provides a sense of cohesion. For family gallery walls, go through your favorite photographs and choose photos that complement each other. You can even narrow it down to photos from a single occasion such as certain life achievements or your wedding. Or, you could make a clean statement and use black and white photos.

Choose A Unique Location

Gallery walls can be showcased in other rooms in addition to bedrooms and living rooms. Since every interior is different, you may have an odd wall or a space under the stairs that need attention. And there are plenty of wall decor ideas for your bathroom at home. Also consider the whole space and furniture. Would a room look more balanced if you hang your gallery on the right or left side of the wall or furniture rather than the center? This method can create a unique look as well as separate the room.

Creative Wallpaper Gallery Walls

Get Creative With Wallpaper

We love the idea above by Ideal Home of incorporating wallpaper as artwork. It’s an unexpected way to add extra pattern and texture to your room, without actually wallpapering your walls. You simply choose different (or the same) patterns and frame them. Another idea is to match the accent colors of the wallpaper with the rest of the room to give it a cohesive look.

Consider the shapes of the wallpaper and how it complements shapes in your room. Also get creative with the number of frames used and their arrangement. Not only will this make your gallery walls come alive, but also exude some extra energy.

We hope these wall decor ideas are inspiration for elevating your home decor!

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Wall Decor Ideas For Your Home