4 Tips For Stress-Free Seasonal Branding

4 Tips For Stress-Free Seasonal Branding

Seasonal branding offer brands an opportunity to capitalize on product sales while customers are primed to buy.

The holiday season is just around the corner. This is a time that’s full of excitement and joy with honoring long-held traditions, parties, and time with family. But it can also be a stressful time and feeling overwhelmed. Plus, participating in 3 months of celebrations can lead to burnout fast!

This also applies to brands. During the holiday season, customers are poised to buy. Seasonal branding with all the unique types of campaigns takes a lot of extra work, effort, energy, and time.

But what if this holiday season you could work smarter, not harder? We’re here to help you avoid content creation overload, and we think it’s particularly important during the holiday season.

4 Tips Stress-Free Seasonal Branding

01. Create Custom Branded Templates

Creating branded templates ahead of the season allows you more freedom to be intentional about content. In addition, you’re more apt to stay on brand, and speed up your content creation workflow.

We design templates for ourselves and our clients using Adobe Photoshop. However, if you’re anticipating a learning curve with Photoshop, try out Adobe Express. It’s effortless to use and doesn’t require time to learn Adobe’s professional design programs. Adobe Express will help you maintain brand integrity and take complete control over your branded content.

02. Create Content For The Right Platform

Be sure to review your insights and analytics to see what content has performed best. That way, you can build your holiday content around things you already know works. Marketing with empathy helps keep us from coming across as pure salespeople.

03. Be Honest About Your Capacity

It’s okay if you can’t run a Christmas, Black Friday, New Year’s, and Cyber Monday sale. Decide what type of sale and timing would have the biggest impact, and focus your resources on that.

04. Make A Plan

One of the main reasons why seasonal branding becomes so stressful for businesses is because they wait until the last minute. Instead, start compiling ideas and content at least 3 months before the holiday. By the end of that first month, you should be able to identify the holidays you will be creating content for. Narrow down what type of designs you will need such as ads, social media, newsletter, etc.

At the beginning of the second month, start creating your designs. That way, you will have a month left to make tweaks and be ready to roll out your campaigns on time. Plus, you’ll be able to schedule your campaigns in advance.

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4 Tips For Stress-Free Seasonal Branding