Cool Gifts For Nerds

When it comes to cool gifts for nerds, there are a ton of different directions you can go. From literature and science to video games and comic books, know your nerd before you buy them a present.

The holidays are quickly approaching. During this time, people tend to get stressed about many things. Once of which is because they waited so late to shop for friends and family. So, be ahead of the gift giving game this year.

If you need help figuring out nerd gifts for the geeks in your life, we’ve got gift ideas. Whether it’s for the holidays, just because, or their birthday, your friends will love these cool gifts for nerds!

Algebraic Watch For Math Geeks

Many people have a disdain for math. But some of us find any excuse to use algebra in our everyday lives. Not only do we find this algebraic wristwatch hilarious, but it’ll give us a reason to work on some new equations.

Wonder Woman Comic Book Nerd Gifts

Cool gifts for nerds about comic book characters like Wonder Woman can have double meaning. First, it’s cute, colorful graphics. And second, it empowers women and girls to be all they can be. Not to mention, the constant release of such movies featuring character favorites has turned them into a mainstream phenomenon. Whether a long-time fan or newbie, they’ll love receiving a Woman Woman t-shirt. The guys have had a crush on her since they were kids and women admire her feminist attitude. So, you really can’t go wrong!

Retro Gamer Pillow

Gamers like nerd gifts that represent the original systems and games. So, when it comes to cool gifts for nerds, this gaming pillow makes the list. Besides, they most likely have a specific room designated for their gaming fun. For instance, basement, a man cave or living room. Regardless, this pillow will make a great addition to their space. If you let it, giving a gift to a gamer can be both challenging and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Essentially, they like gadgets, practical tools, and geeky home accessories. With this in mind, think of gifts that makes them comfortable when playing their games. And this pillow does just that!

You can also consider giving books and other literature covering your friends’ favorite subject. For instance, friends that are obsessed with dinosaurs or other reptiles. There are amazing movies, games, and shows revolving around them.

For the dinosaur lover who tear up whenever they hear “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, give them a useful, cute gift. For example, a dinosaur shaped succulent planter pot. Not only does it offer a little of the Jurassic era, but also adds greenery their living space.

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Cool Gifts For Nerds