Corporate Holiday Card Ideas & Messages For 2022

If you don’t already have corporate holiday card ideas, you’re behind the curve. Most people start sending out business holiday cards the first of December. Particularly, when mailing to cities far away.

Giving corporate holiday cards are an ideal opportunity to renew your connection with clients and customers. It’s a personal level of connection and sets the stage for a prosperous new year together.

But to set the tone, you should first come up with corporate holiday card ideas. After all, there’s an art to creating business season greetings. As such, they should not be too emotional or personal to get people in the holiday spirit. So, keep these business holiday card ideas in mind as you create a holiday card for a merry and bright season.

  Luxe Touches Corporate Holiday Card Ideas

Your business shouldn’t be glitzy with over-the-top elements. Instead, select quality card materials is more ideal for customers and clients. For instance, choose extra touches like foil trim and good paper to enhance the card. Not only will this add elegance, but also provide a special experience for customers.

  Make Your Business Holiday Cards Inclusive

While it might seem obvious, it bears repeating. Write business holiday cards that includes everyone. Focus the greeting on the holiday season and wishes for the new year, and avoid holiday-specific messaging.

  Skip The Sales Pitch

The goal of holiday cards for business is to direct the reader’s focus on warm wishes and people. Therefore, skip the hard sell and focus your message on the holiday season and your hopes for the upcoming year.

  Design For The Holidays

When choosing the design for your business holiday cards, don’t make the focus your company’s logo look and feel. If you do, the result can feel impersonal and not right for the holiday. Instead, lead with a seasonal feel while still using your corporate style.

  Send Your Holiday Card At The Right Time

Generally speaking, recipients should receive their corporate holiday cards during the first two weeks of December. So, time your mailings wisely. This way, they’ll get them after Thanksgiving, when guests are in the holiday spirit. But before many people leave for their holiday vacations.

Messages For Corporate Holiday Cards

Cheers to the New Year! Happy Holidays from the team at [company name].

Happy Holidays from everyone at [company name]. We appreciate your business and wish you the best in the coming year.

Peace and joy from [company name].

Wishing you a happy & healthy holiday season from [company name]!

Whether sending your corporate holiday cards near or far, make sure to time your mailing properly. Also, get a second pair of eyes to check your grammar and elements before mailing your cards. And don’t forget to double check your list as you don’t want to exclude anyone.

Corporate Holiday Card Ideas & Messages For 2022