How To Create The Best Business Cards

Even though the business world has gone paperless, business cards are still a necessity in nearly every industry. So creating the best business card means it represents both you and your brand.

In addition to spreading awareness, business cards are often the first thing clients see. Making the best, memorable cards attract people to your business as well as demonstrates professionalism.

If you’re unsure how to design cards most suitable for your brand personality, follow our business card style guide.

Use A Unique Shape and Size For The Best Business Cards

Business cards don’t have to follow a standard rectangle template. Instead, you can use practically any shape you like. For instance, square business cards grew in popularity several years ago. But there are other trendy shapes likes a fold or mini card. Also, some brands demonstrate their personality through their business card design. For example, an automotive shop or car wash might hand out cards in the shape of a car or truck.

Choose The Right Business Design

You don’t want to create a great calling card design and later discover it tears or peels in people’s wallets. For this reason, the type of paper you choose for printing options is crucial. But this is easily prevented with high quality paper and a finish that will preserve your graphics. So, if your business card design features a professional photo, then a glossy finish will help it pop. On the other hand, if your brand is a simple logo, a matte finish will help it stand out better.

Use Complementary Colors For Your Cards

In the design world, a brand style guide is always created first. This brand component contains the colors and fonts your business will use for digital and traditional content. When determining the best colors, think of the color wheel.

The best color combinations are made up of two complementary colors opposite of each other on the color wheel. There are also three or more analogous colors next to each other. Or you could use three triadic colors that are equally spaced around the color wheel.

If your logo contains color, remember the colors you’ve chosen in your style guide which came from the color wheel. Your business card font colors are equally important as your logo colors. Using the wrong font colors strays from your style guide and can make the text difficult to read. Of course, you can always go with a minimal design if you’re having trouble with colors.

Add A QR Code To Your Business Card

A QR code allows people to scan your business card with a mobile device and add your contact information in seconds. It can also take them to your website, portfolio, specified file, and much more. In fact, people can even call you just by scanning a QR code on your business card. Combining this technology with business cards is a great way to reach your tech savvy clients. Not to mention, stay on top of what’s current. Obviously, this is a must do for those working in the tech industry. But QR codes are great to use for just about all industries.

Add A QR Code To Your Business Card

If you really want to have one of the best business card designs around, conjure a unique concept. Forego the basic, traditional layout and create something outstanding instead. You could arrange the design vertical rather than horizontal. Use both sides of the card. Or even allow graphics to flow right to the edge of the card.

In essence, the possibilities are endless! If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your business cards, we can help! Check out our print on demand designs that you can edit yourself. Or we can design something specially to your taste. Contact us to start your project.

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How To Create The Best Business Cards