Moving To New Home Announcements Etiquette

As with most things in life, there’s a protocol. Such is the case with moving to new home announcements etiquette. And there are many reasons why people move. For instance, a bigger or smaller house, new job, and even for a new experience.

Whatever your reason, observing proper etiquette when sending moving announcements is always a good idea.

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Purpose Of Moving Announcements

Personal announcements such as moving to new home announcements, proper etiquette dictates sending to friends and family. This is so that you can share your new contact information. Another reason is that you can get in touch with people you’ve lost contact with. Usually, they would not be aware that you have moved.

On the other hand, business moving announcements are sent to clients; both old and new. Vendors are also included in this group as well as certain friends and family members. In addition to being informative and necessary, these announcements also serve as promotion for your business.

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What To Include In Your New Home Announcements

Moving to new home announcements etiquette requires different details than for business moving announcements. In general, for personal moving announcements, you include new address and phone number, move date and email address.

You can also use the announcement to invite friends to a housewarming party. But be sure that you’ll be organized, including unpacked by the date you specify.

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When it comes to mailing a business announcement, the details to include are more professional. For example, it should feature your company’s logo and tagline, as well as your new contact Information. And don’t forget to also include a map for directions.

Also note that you’re moving to a prime location closer to your clients, if this is the case. Additionally, business announcements can double as an invitation for a grand re-opening or open house celebration.

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Personal Moving Announcements Etiquette Tips

Generally speaking, personal moving announcements should be mailed after the move or just before the big day. This is actually standard etiquette because there are consequences if not followed. For instance, if you mail them too early, your plans could change. Then you would spend lots of time on the phone explaining the situation.

A point often overlooked is when buying a new house, you may not close escrow on the anticipated date. With this in mind, you will be glad you didn’t already mail your announcements.

If your moving announcements doubles as a housewarming party invitation, pay attention to the dates you provide. In essence, you should be able to host the gathering within 4 to 6 weeks of moving and sending the announcements.

By all means, don’t mail moving announcements right away if your house needs a lot of renovating. Instead, wait until after renovations are complete and have passed all inspections by the proper authorities.

Otherwise, your renovations could run behind schedule and people will forget to write it down. As a result, you may not have a well-attended event.

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Following these simple moving to new home announcements etiquette rules allows you to smoothly transition from one place to another. They also increase your odds that you won’t leave anyone behind.

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Moving To New Home Announcements Etiquette