Wedding Thank You Card Wording

If your big day has passed, the next step is wedding thank you cards wording so you can write and send out your thank you notes.

Wedding thank you messages show your gratitude and appreciation for those who celebrated the big day with you. But how do you find just the right wedding thank you card wording for each guest?

From the bridal party to friends and family, they all appreciate a meaningful thank you for attending. The more personalized your note, the more special it will be to the recipient. Read on to discover the wedding thank you card wording parts to include for your thank you notes.

Wedding Thank You Card Wording Parts

Just as you should with your wedding invitation wording, break down the thank you card wording into a few different parts. The greeting, explanation, reference to the gift, explanation of why you appreciate it. Plus a final thank you, and a sign-off.

For you folks that are writing thank you cards for non-physical gifts, like a donation to a ‘honey fund’ or a big purchase, we didn’t forget about you! You can use this same formula, with only slight adjustments.

This is as simple as ‘Dear Ray & Amelia’. To make this even more simple, just use the same greeting as you used for their invitation.

Tell the recipient why you are writing. Some examples of this could be:

  • We truly missed your presence at our wedding, but appreciate your thoughtful gift!
  • Amelia and I would like to say thank you for joining us at our wedding, and for your gift.
  • We’re writing to thank you for celebrating with us, and also for your generous gift.

The Gift, and Why You Love It
Say what the gift they gave you was, and try to be as specific as possible. If it was a non-physical gift, just adjust this sentence to speak to what they contributed to.

  • We are loving the burgundy hand towels you gave us! They are the perfect touch for our new kitchen.
  • We’ve been saving up for a [house, car, boat, etc] and we truly appreciate the [contribution, support, etc] to that [goal, purchase, dream, adventure, etc.].
  • The Ninja blender has made for many delicious treats already, and will come in handy for our upcoming housewarming.

Final Thank You
This should be a generic thank you, telling the recipient again that you appreciate their gift.

  • We can’t wait to share photos of our honeymoon with you when we return!
  • Thank you again for helping us get started in our new married life. We are blessed to have been surrounded by wonderful friends & family on our wedding day!
  • We appreciate your generosity, and hope to have you over soon in our new home.

Sign Off
Again, this is an easy one.

  • With Love & Gratitude,
  • Sincerely,
  • Our Heartfelt Thanks,

And there you have it! With this simple template you can easily thank your guests for their physical and financial gifts, as well as their attendance at your wedding. One last word of advice is to make this a team effort! Writing and sending your wedding thank you cards is the perfect way to work on a project together as newlyweds.

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Wedding Thank You Card Wording