The 3 Types Of Portrait Photography

If you’re passionate about portrait photography or just curious about the types of portrait photography, read on. This type of photography entails more than just capturing an image of a person. It’s very popularly for several reasons beyond the lens.

Portrait photography spotlights capturing feelings, the being, feelings, and character of the subject. This art form can be fine or commercial art. When people think of portrait photography, they think of the basic usage. But it also covers passport, security passes and other types of documentation.

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Types Of Portrait Photography

As with any professional or serious hobby, the right tools, skills and knowledge is required to produce quality work. Understanding the basics and awareness for the many different types of portrait photography can help you find your unique style.

There are many different types of portrait photographs as wells as ways to categorize them. However, they can be broadly divided into three major types. These three types of portrait photography are described below.

01. Standard Posed Portrait

This is actually a subtype of portrait photography. The subject is aware of the camera and generally maintains eye contact with the camera lens. Additionally, the head and shoulders are the focal points instead of the entire body. Subject’s facial expressions are also important. Generally speaking, traditional posed portraits are commonly shot in a studio setting and include backdrops.

02. Anonymous Portraits

These types of photography shoots are candid. In general, the subject is usually unaware that they are being photographed. As a result, there is usually no eye contact. And they do not involve posing because they are not set up or planned.

These portraits give a unique insight into the subject’s raw and candid emotions. Consequently, these types of portrait shots are often considered a highly pure and unfiltered form of portrait photography.

The primal goal for this type of portrait photography is capturing spontaneous moments.

03. Conceptual Portraits

Out of all types of portrait photography, this one allows for the greatest amount of creative freedom. The primary objective of these portraits is to capture an idea. In essence, you are creating imagery by a sort of abstract representation.

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The 3 Types Of Portrait Photography